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Health safety and the environment are taken into consideration in all aspects of our business. Our values in this area help define each decision we make moving the company forward. We have developed a Health, Safety and Environment Policy to guide us in our day to day operations. Read more...


Safety Starts with a Team
People are what make Rocking Horse a great company and ensuring the safety of employees and others working with us is our first priority. Safety is never compromised, we will work is a safe manner at all times. It is every employees responsibility to ensure their own safety and the safety of those working with them, one interaction at a time.

We will strive to work with each other, our suppliers and customers in a manner that builds a safe, efficient service.

oil hauling

Constantly seeking ways to raise the bar within our own company and in our industry we will lead the way in the core drilling community.

The focus of our equipment design is to reduce the impact of our drilling operations on the environment year round. Through innovative project management, first class equipment and strategic rig design will reduce our environmental footprint.

All of our equipment runs on biodegradable hydraulic oil.

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